John Kano is a Grammy nominated songwriter. Several of his songs were found in the top ten US radio charts and three of them reached #1. As a producer he is credited on over 200 musical projects, as a remixer he is credited with Shakira’s world cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’, Shania Twain’s ‘Still the one’, ‘Everybody’ by the Backstreet boys and many more. But the greatest of all his music projects is the one he’s done for God and his son Jesus Christ. Below is his inspiring story!

John Kano was born in Cuba. At the age of three he and his family traveled to Spain seeking freedom. He arrived there with his only toy, an accordion, whose musical sound captivated his attention. He was so attached to it that everywhere he went they called him the boy with the accordion. After a short stay in Spain he came to the land that has been his home ever since, the USA.  While living in the US his parents realized his great attraction to music and every year for Christmas he would receive a new toy guitar, until one year his father got him the real thing. It was on this little guitar that he learned how to play.

After learning guitar, singing was the next natural thing to him. His only vocal lesson lasted about two minutes and it went like this: he asked “Mom, do you think I can sing?” she replied “Can you talk? –yes- then you can sing!” and the lesson was over. The only thing that was missing now was having songs to sing. One afternoon after he came home from school he sat in his bedroom to play his guitar and as always, he had a conversation with God:“God if you let me write songs I will be the happiest guy ever”. Miraculously he started writing songs and has been ever since. Every day he would come home from school and he would write songs on his guitar. After each song he would run around the house thanking God.

Since then John has performed from the New York’s grungiest clubs such as the legendary CBGB’s, to the polished sounds of mainstream radio. Besides singing and songwriting his musical talents expand to DJing, producing and remixing well known artists. But to complete his story: when God gives you a gift you decide what to do with it. Honoring the one who has given him this gift was the natural response for him; the rest is history and his story  in the making.

Today John is a teacher of  God’s word, an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ and a truly gifted music minister. He is the father of two beautiful children Naomi and John Emanuel and the husband of his other half and true love Nikki. In his own words: “May the words and  melodies which God has given me enlighten your eyes and flood your hearts with His love. Thank you to all who truly stand for Him and thank you for helping me bring this music to the world”.